I’ve always had a passion for low-level curation. I love to sort songs on Spotify, arrange folders on my laptop and rearrange the living room in our flat. Things for Designers is a curated selection of Amazon UK products that I like and other designers might also.

The site is super simple – a static site with simple code and minimal CSS. It has an accompanying Instagram account where I promote the site and post the new products as I add them. I aim to add a new product every two days.

The branding is loosely based off that of my personal site, and although I link visitors to Things for Designers from here, I don’t direct back to this website. I try keep them relatively separate.

When I have the time I add a new images–this involves scouting Google Images for a super high-res version, fitting it on to my bespoke grid, then uploading it to the site with a link to the product.

Currently only tailored to the UK market, I plan to expand to more of Europe and the US, then Canada, India, Australia and so on. Long-term I’d love to sell products directly, but having a collection I curate myself is my favourite part of this project. Even if it is yet to make much money.

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