Smartshares are a division of NZX selling global and domestic ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) across the main investment asset classes of Cash, Bonds, Shares and Property.

Their compliance manager got in touch with me to redesign their current website and to create a new landing page for a subdivision of the business. I worked closely with their team over a month and visited their HQ to launch at the end of the project.

The project was completed remotely–something I learnt to be quite difficult when dealing with financial information and learning what exchange traded funds are!

The project was essentially two parts; Smartshares and smartkiwi. Both were static sites (no logins, accounts, data management) and were great to work on. The company has however changed direction strategically since these launched, so unfortunately they aren’t live to view.

Both websites featured headlines in FF Din (font) because it’s authoritarian and trustworthy, and Helvetica for body copy because it’s simple and improves page load times.

Clarity of information was a key element required in these websites. Big blocks of colours and bite-sized paragraphs make the financial-speak easy for anyone to understand.