Postmark is an independent card retailer with 5 stores across London. The proudly boast the widest range of greeting cards available online, and are active among their local communities.

Postmark postcard and envelope

Postmark’s Director Mark asked me to design their new business cards, store cards and gift vouchers which are awarded to school kids and members of the local community in the neighbourhoods of their stores. I pitched a few art directions and we settled upon business and store cards with traditional London character and type, and a gift voucher that was playful and fun.

Postmark business cards
Key members of staff and each of the 5 locations have their own business cards. They feature a logo on one side and contact information on the other.

The business cards were my favourite part of this project. A truly London theme is reflected by the sans serif font P22 Johnston Underground™ which was the original font developed by Edward Johnston for the London Underground system in 1916. It’s available via an agreement MyFonts has in place with London Transport Museum.

The gift vouchers are playful and feature a dashed line leading overleaf to the store’s address.

The design of the vouchers was a completely new direction for Postmark and Mark gave me full control for this – I pitched a few ideas then we refined one to show the right tone, in line with that of Postmark.