International Fashion Development

International Fashion Development (IFD) is an exciting new startup which aims to become the European standard in determining which clothing is from approved sources or completely animal free. Think: the Leaping Bunny of clothing.

I worked very closely with their founder Laura on branding IFD from initial sketches through to some fun mocked up ideas. Laura’s brief was ‘something which is the clothing equivalent of Leaping Bunny’.

Early sketches exploring the words “Internal Fashion Development”. If you look closely and are familiar with Flipboard you’ll notice that we organically landed on their exact ‘F’ lettermark.

Naturally we’d think to use animals, however we choose something a little more inclusive in our final design which reads IFD in it’s forms but is also widely versatile in its applications. The various lockups required were:

  • a standard horizontal lockup (acronym and extended text)
  • a standard vertical lockup (acronym and extended text)
  • a horizontal lockup reading “IFD source approved”
  • a horizontal lockup reading “IFD animal free”
A snapshot of an artboard where I was transferring sketched ideas onto the screen for Laura to check out and comment on in real-time.

One early concept we explored was based on a grid with monospaced type which can be reconfigured depending on placement of promotion. We were inspired by similar lockups but again needed to be sure it’d fit the main application – which is actually very small when you look at similar organisations!

Often no more than 1cm tall, these third-party certification program logos feature on the back of packaging or in our case on the bottom of a swing ticket. Instant recognition (which of course would be earned through a lot of marketing and time) and legibility at such tiny sizes was of relatively high priority.

A new artboard was born which includes the final design (!!!) after our emotional deflation since discovering we accidentally made Flipboard’s logo.

After a whole bunch of playing around and sleeping on it we woke up fresh with ideas. I wrote to Laura (who at the time was sketching ideas herself) and told her my idea. I neglected documenting much more of this process but alas we landed on this clever little mark which is now known as IFD.

International Fashion Development
A quick little window sign mockup always gets the client excited about their brand. Initially I thought this was a bad idea but in the early months of the certification going live, publicity – like in such pop-up shops – is vital.

…and so IFD was born.

Lastly we created a single piece of promo we made was shown at London Graduate Fashion Week and was an exercise in extreme minimalism and brand reference.