Hive Content Hub

I led design on this project known as the ‘Content Hub’ which now lives under a section called Discover Hive. This section is currently linked to via social, PPC and organically but it will form a key part of the new information architecture (IA) in 2019.

I set out to create a wireframe early on based on typical media consumption expectations as suggested in Jakob’s Law of UX: Users spend most of their time on other sites. This means that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know.

Hive hasn’t had a strong content focus online before, the occasional blog and a periodically lengthy email was the extent of content on the site before. A content-rich experience was something new.

This early wireframe helped the marketing team consolidate their ideas – I created 5–10 components for each media type e.g. for a piece using videos I had video components, for a long-form piece of writing I had long-form components.

The flow for these pieces needed to facilitate consumption and continued engagement with pages per session and bounce rate as indicators of success.

Because I had supplied a blueprint of components early on to the marketing team, they were then able to pick and choose a component or two which they thought would work best for their content pieces.

This was beneficial because many of the pieces would be ready only days before the go-live date and the pages still had to be built as doesn’t use a CMS.

Every piece of content is designed from scratch. Here you can see how the design for Welcome to My World was conceived based on a little video player section complete with a classic, skeuomorphic lights-out background.

Working in scrum enabled improving the content hub incrementally, with small parts or components in each sprint. This was meant we could develop separate components focusing on each part increasingly once we had at least three pieces of content live — it wouldn’t be much of a content hub less than three pieces of content.

Want to see more? I recommend checking out the Hive Beginners Smart Guides.