As kids were heading back to school late 2016, Gap UK launched an online campaign called Letters To My Kids. I designed the campaign’s microsite while working at Five by Five.

In short, parents could go online and write some words of encouragement and admiration for their school children and the first 500 letters would be mailed physically. The final website reflected the new-season kids campaign imagery and successfully guided parents to write a short letter to their kids.

The website isn’t live anymore as the campaign has ended but I captured these screenshots to show the site and how it worked. It was a simple card-based design that led visitors down the page to fill out their details and write their letter.

One of the best features was the integration with Facebook’s OpenGraph protocol which meant we could dynamically create an image to be shared with the post on Facebook once a parent had written their letter. The parents could type an excerpt from the letter and this would generate the image instantly.

Gap also made the following promo video for the campaign based on the PDF that’s generated in my site’s design: