Baltic Gender is an EU-funded project that brings together eight scientific institutions in five countries around the Baltic Sea to work on reducing gender inequalities in Marine Science and Technology.

They needed a poster to encourage those in the marine institutions to share their experiences working. The goal is to share these results on a blog where others can read and comment their thoughts.

The design of the poster was very considered as stakeholders for this project are spread all across European countries including Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium. We had to work to write a poster that was engaging to all countries and people. The poster also features many versions as the contact email address in the bottom needed to be different depending on where the poster was shown.

Who doesn’t love an urban poster mockup?

These posters will be adorning the walls of marine research institutes through 2017. I plan on adding more photos of these posters in situ when I get them.

Unsurprisingly there are only so many ways to show off a poster, so that’s all folks!