Believe Dance Studio reached out when they heard of my search engine optimisation (SEO) skills and the great work I’d done with Lockwise; a locksmith company in Auckland, New Zealand. Believe Dance Studio are also New Zealand based and were after SEO work on their studio’s website.

The design of the website and plenty of bad code meant the site was slow, bloated and running a lot of unnecessary scripts that weren’t achieving anything. To kick off their SEO plan I decided to redesign their website. Here’s the easy-to-use, fast loading and clean result.

One great part of the new design is the new header section which allows multiple headers to be added which are randomised on every page load (but cached so the site remains fast).

And, the new timetable layout below is super easy to use for the team at Believe and for visitors to the site. The mobile view simplifies the timetable further to prevent excessive zooming and scrolling on small screens.