Personal favourite design links

Personal favourite design links

When I get up in the morning and have made my coffee and grabbed a bite to eat, I’ll sit down at my laptop and catch up on some news. I’ll also sift through emails which will dictate my work for the day/week but it’s primarily a chance to read the news.

However it’s not hard news—it’s news from the design community and general visual inspiration.

As sharing of knowledge and resources became less scary among designers and sites like Reddit excelled for their link curation format; design-related sites like Land-book (landing page inspiration feed) and DesignerNews (“where the design community meets”, basically the Reddit of design) have found their own permanent placement in my arrangement of morning bookmarks.

Here are my go-to links in the mornings when I’m having my first coffee, or I’m stuck on an art direction, or I just need a break and want to see what’s going on.

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Land-book is perfect for keeping up with the latest landing pages from all over the world. Community sourced and curated too! Real interesting to check on frequently and see the changing designs – gradients coming and going, fonts rising and falling in popularity, layouts changing and animations more or less in use.

I usually will open the three latest links in new tabs and check them out; accounts can be created and after a careful vetting process select designers can contribute to the feed through a voting system.

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Recently Designer News hasn’t been living up to its once great standards, but early in 2017, it’s had a little reinvigorating as more members join and the mods are ensuring a higher quality level of content.

Similar in function to Reddit, it’s a single subreddit of sorts. As its own website. For designers. I often click latest at the top and see what’s new, or look at the show filter to see new website and more web typography!

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I discovered Designspiration a few years ago when I was completely at a block designing business cards for a client. Designspiration is like Pinterest–but with a relatively high-quality filter (based on voting) and with much greater filtering that actually works!

The full-page search is so handy. Just start typing from any page and smash that enter button to dive into a lot of design/inspiration. Even the name is cool. The super simple design of the site also doesn’t force any unwanted interactions (ahem, Pinterest) and you don’t need to log in to check it all out.

Less frequently updated pages:

Google Design and Facebook Design aren’t updated daily and aren’t fuelled by user-generated content, but are both sites I look at from time to time – or spot linked on Designer News or Reddit.

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Born essentially through a need for public access to the Material Design guidelines, Google Design is a feed of blog posts, resources, tools and interviews from writers, developers and designers at (you guessed it) Google.

Although not updated as frequently as I’d like, the quality of content is high. From Google VR to YouTube Kids; all product areas are included and discussed openly. This, paired with Google’s Dribble account, makes for a neat insight to design at Google.

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The simplicity of Facebook Design doesn’t stop at the domain name ( It’s a simple feed of blog posts (via Medium), interviews, videos, tools, and resources from the designers at Facebook.

Personally, I always find myself going back to the Devices in the resources section; images and Sketch files of popular devices to use in mockups. 90% of my mockups are on devices from these resources. Second place goes to Diverse Device Hands (also a resource), both are of the highest quality and completely free.

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