Kia ora! (That’s hello in Māori).

I’m Max. A London-based designer currently working at GoodNotes helping powerful note-taking app get closer to their users. That’s also me in the photo above. It was taken in northern New Zealand in a market town called Matakana. This pic shows me looking pensive (such a designer), features a coffee machine and a poster about NZ drinking laws. I like that it says the law because I’m a western film fan and interested in The American Frontier.

I’m a product designer by day, but I also produce music, aspire to work in acting, a budding florist, part-time recipe developer and typography maven. Although I live in London, I try to travel when permitted. I’m fluent in Swedish and slowly improving in Estonian. Annoyingly though, the better I become at Estonian, the more Finnish I sound in Swedish.

Anyway—if you’re interested and I’m allowed to share, send me an email to check out my product design case studies.

Until then, stay safe 🏌️‍♂️