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I’m Maxwell, a digital designer from New Zealand now based in the UK. I’m currently freelancing in London focusing on a minimalist, less but better approach. When not designing I’m often in Estonia or back home in New Zealand—pleased to meet you!

Matakana, New Zealand

My work and interests

I specialise in clean designs that are often based on math and grid systems. As of late much of my output has been digital marketing design. Minimalism is often a theme and there is usually a Scandinavian influence along the way. I design to help both businesses and organisations with thoughtful design.

Viru Raba, Estonia

My personal interests are in technology, design, coffee, travel, and wherever they intersect. I’m diving into VR (virtual reality) a lot. Both VR and home automation excite me. I’m also teaching myself as much as I can about Fintech (financial tech), human interactions with modern payment systems, and how cognitive biases can do good.

My work background

I started designing and building websites when responsive web design was taking off. This has been perfect. It’s led me to help businesses across the world transform their old websites of the 90s into modern websites which work across all devices. I do this with a deep understanding of the technical and functional conventions that make for a great user experience and maximise business; taking a website from an online presence to a business tool.

From web design and a little development, I’ve broadened my skill set to include app design, digital marketing, HTML email design, digital display ad creation and art-working, and some print design.

This understanding of what’s possible in web design or similar projects is the platform for a seamless workflow with developers and other team members. I design with the entire lifecycle of a project in mind and deliver on time and budget.

Selected clients

European Union, Gap Italia/France, B&Q, Activision (Call of Duty, Destiny, Skylanders), Just Eat, Rotary, Festival Place, Coopervision, NZX (Smartshares), Bikes in Schools, among others.

Side projects

I love curation and Things for Designers is a platform for me to curate cool things, for designers!
Things for Designers

Born to help students, recent graduates and businesses get online properly, Foster delivers a professional WordPress-based setup including design, hosting, management and emails—all for a low monthly fee.
Foster Online Ltd.


What people say

“Max has been so incredible. I’ve sent him countless messages of changes — things I don’t like, things I do like; things I want him to do which, I mean, don’t know how hard they are—I don’t know anything about computers—and he has made the website look amazing.”


“I always use Max for my design work and am always happy with the result.  He has a skill of figuring out what I need even if I give him a dodgy, incomplete brief. I’ve found he has a real skill for design and making graphics balance and appear jazzy. He’s created websites for both of my businesses ( and and the sites make us look cooler than we actually are.  I have obtained a heap more work for McFoodies since Max upgraded the site so it’s doing a very effective job of promoting the business. He gets us higher in the search results so it’s easy to find us and then they also get a terrific experience when they get there.”

Cathy, McFoodies and Zubi

“The work done by Max on our website has been outstanding. His technical and visual expertise ensured we quickly got the web presence we needed and this has been confirmed by the consistently positive feedback from our target audience.”

Paul, Bikes in Schools

“Another successful project, excellent communication, and understanding of brief. Endless edits with no fuss and in real time so project completed well before the deadline. First class, highly recommended.”

Mark, PostMark

“Went above and beyond. Made a small change I needed with no issues. Maxwell was friendly, professional, and quick!”

Chris, FormYourBiz

maxdwh @ Instagram