Welcome, I’m a London-based product designer from New Zealand with a focus on user interface and interaction design. I love pizza, minimalism, summertime in Europe, speaking a little too quickly, and unboxing new things.

Clients include British Gas (Hive), Emirates, the European Union, Gap, Call of Duty, Rotary International, Regent’s Park Healthcare, and CooperVision.

Viru Raba, Estonia

Currently, I’m contracting with Shell in a product team of a top-secret innovation hub. Among secretive things, we’re currently exploring how human-centred design can be applied to one of the world’s biggest companies and how a higher level of design maturity is great for business.

Design System for Hive

Outside of work I enjoy exploring the city, short-haul trips around Europe and cooking copious amounts of my favourite comfort foods; spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread.

Thanks for stopping by, email me if you’d like.