Hi, I’m Max. A London-based digital designer from New Zealand with a focus on user interface and design systems. Happy to have you here.

I work at Shell, leading user interface design on a $19bn e-commerce platform. I also part own Zigloa, a venture helping food businesses in AU/NZ navigate the food labelling regs. And I work with Bikes in Schools, a New Zealand charity getting kiwi kids back on bikes.

During lockdown, I’ve begun work on an iOS project helping lease-based companies manage their assets better — from push bikes to satellites. It’s taking hella long as I’m teaching myself SwiftUI.

Previously, I’ve worked with Hive (British Gas), Emirates, the European Union, Gap, Call of Duty, Rotary International, Regent’s Park Healthcare, Activision, and CooperVision.

Outside of work, I enjoy the sauna, eating pizza, minimalism, summertime in Europe, speaking a little too quickly, unboxing things, typography and cooking copious amounts of spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread.

Thanks for stopping by! You can send me an email here.