Hello, I’m Maxwell White,
design manager in London, UK.

I’m part of the design function at GoodNotes. As design manager, I support a small group of product designers, a brand designer and an art director defining the future of digital paper, bringing high-quality study notes to every student, and telling the world about GoodNotes. Together, we make study and work more efficient and enjoyable for millions of people globally.

A former User Interface Design Lead at Shell, I looked after two other user interface designers on a US$ 19B e-commerce platform, helping customers from 156 countries shop effortlessly, and built out the platform’s design system and design language. I navigated the team through remote work adjustments from my apartment in London, led the platform’s redesign working across 4–6 scrum teams and directed the addition of product images.

Before Shell, I was contracted to Hive Home, a smart home start-up by British Gas. I spent my days as a pair of extra hands, working on the marketing website and positioning the design team as a strategic partner to the business. We initiated a design system effort which saw my initial contract extended twice. Before Hive, I briefly worked as a Digital Designer for Travelbag, a long-haul travel brand from Emirates.

Alongside these ‘stable’ jobs, some names I’ve been fortunate enough to freelance for: Call of Duty, Gap, European Union, B&Q, Rotary Sweden, Just Eat, Paw Patrol, and Activision.

I enjoy having a chat. Send me an email here.