Multidisciplinary designer from New Zealand, living in southern England. I focus on web design and have done so for more than 5 years, but I'm trying to branch out a little, learning some app design. I'm also hugely passionate about travel, the design of public spaces, and great coffee.

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Zubi: Sensational Food Labelling

Zubi asked me to rethink their public-facing website which is seen when new visitors land on

They needed to get a lot of information across to visitors as quick as possible ensuring everything is covered without burying users under info.

Since going live with the website they've heard nothing but praise and are proud of their new responsive design and logo. Cheers to making improvements.

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Bike On NZ Charitable Trust

I worked closely with the founder of Bike On to simplify their website, adding responsive design and ensuring all content was easy to follow, from all devices.

They needed a list of press links which is clear and navigable, and they need a clearly laid out gallery to show off all the schools they've worked with.

Tied with their powerful Bikes in Schools page slash mega-document, they can now send people to their site trusting every question will be answered.

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Toolkit Websites

Toolkit hired me after initially contracting me for some landing page work while I was freelancing – shortly after I moved to the UK.

I was hired as Digital Marketing Designer working for 10 months leading design on their niche marketing campaign. In this time I designed and built more than 96 landing pages, and hundreds of ads for Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The landing pages were created to supply Toolkit with their own, organic leads and continue to do so.

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McFoodies are a New Zealand based collective of food technologists that needed a refreshed online presence and brand.

I designed their new reponsive website, with improved local SEO and load times, and designed their new logo and implementation.

Now visitors can cleary see what McFoodies offers and how they can get in touch when they're ready to engage, and the McFoodies brand is more prominent.

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