Maxwell White Design Manager in London

Welcome! I’m part of the design function at GoodNotes. As design manager, I support a small group of product designers, a brand designer, an art director and a user experience researcher defining the future of digital paper, bringing high-quality study notes to every student, and telling the world about GoodNotes. Together, we make study and work more efficient and enjoyable for millions of people globally.

Black and white photograph of Maxwell and his family at his sister's wedding.
Second from the right at my sister’s wedding, Sweden 2018

A former User Interface Design Lead at Shell, I looked after two other user interface designers on a US$ 19B e-commerce platform, helping customers from 156 countries shop effortlessly, and built out the platform’s design system and design language. I navigated the team through remote work adjustments from my apartment in London, led the platform’s redesign working across 4–6 scrum teams and directed the addition of product images from 30+ markets.

Before Shell, I was contracted to Hive Home, a smart home start-up by British Gas. I worked on the betterment of the marketing website visually and from a performance perspective, and positioned the design team as a strategic partner to the business. We initiated a design system effort which saw my initial contract extended twice. Before Hive, I briefly worked as a Digital Designer for Travelbag, a long-haul travel brand from Emirates.

Alongside these ‘stable’ jobs, some names I’ve been fortunate enough to freelance for: Call of Duty, Gap, European Union, B&Q, Rotary Sweden, Just Eat, Paw Patrol, and Activision.

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