Smartshares of the NZX Group

I was approached to apply modern web practices to this company's web presence using their strong new branding and slick taglines.

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A vivid new branding and website for this collective of food technologists introducing responsiveness, one-page design and faster load times.

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Bike On New Zealand Trust

I designed and built this New Zealand trust's website to inspire more schools to implement the on-site Bikes in Schools package.

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Zubi Sensational Food Labelling

I created a responsive new landing site for this cloud-based software to simplify Zubi's message of Sensational Food Labelling.

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I love making great sites

I made my first website in 2011 for a local Italian restaurant. It only worked in Internet Explorer, had images instead of text and every time you visited another page, the contents would shift 20 pixels to the right. I will always remember this site though because the load times were fantastic. She loaded faster than Google and had some nifty branding too.

Nowadays the sites I build are rich with the greatest technologies. The sites I build are responsive — they'll work on your laptop, on the old desktop at your grandparents' house, on your tablet and even your mobile phone.

When I say they'll work I don't just mean work.

They'll look beautiful, with your content re-arranging to fit all screen sizes. But that's not all; I have the entire arsenal of Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit to ensure my sites are looking beautiful with crisp type on every device. I could continue on but i'm sure I'll be wasting your time - you've got a business to run and an audience to win over.